What is the reason for the season?

I am distressed at the drivel I have heard in the wee hrs of the morning on the ABC, in which the historically ill-informed, badly researched (both Atheist and Christian) talked boldly against or simplistically around the real message of Christmas.  You don’t have to buy the deal, but it should not be that ignorant nonsense replaces the story (believe it or not) that is the ONE & ONLY reason the Christmas tradition has survived for 2,000 years.

I held my breath awaiting an authentic word about Christmas from Christian Welfare CEO’s & clergy..mostly in vain.  I as much as any from the radical late 60s on have strongly affirmed the radical message for the poor as PART of the truth embedded in Mary’s Magnificat.  Then I was called a communist for it.

Now they are all on about the poor except that the universal challenge of the saviour to go beyond “bread alone” to the voice of God, is lost.  It happens to be cool now to trumpet (rightly) the challenge to poverty inherent in the humble birth of the saviour, but the spiritual, moral, transformational message that “you will call his name Jesus for he will save his people fom their sins” (selfishness, soulessness. materialism, etc etc) is now uncool.

About the only ones to go beyond the “cool” were Leunig & Archbishop Denis Hart. I hope I missed some, but leading Christians either diminish the reason for the season to sentimental feelings for the poor, or bland moralism without transformation or conversion.