Motivational Speaker, Doctoral Researcher  of Cultural Anthropology, Author, Advocate, Social Commentator, Biker, and Unorthodox Evangelist….

Dr John Smith is the founder of Truth & Liberation Concern, Care & Communication Concern, Values for Life, St Martin’s Community Churches,  Concern Australia Welfare Ministries, and the founding President of God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club, Melbourne (The Melbourne re -organized charter chapter of the International God’s Squad movement). He is an author, a doctoral graduate whose research focused on cultural anthropology and social movements in the 20th & 21st centuries. He is a business speaker, a teacher and lecturer, a biker, a defender of the poor and marginalised, a lover of jazz, rock, classical, & blues music, which has been expressed in presentation in arts festivals in many others countries. He is a passionate but rational evangelist, an elder of the radical discipleship movement in Australia, and a prominent social commentator.

He is as much at home talking to business leaders, academics, church leaders, politicians and the media as he is with school children, university students, the poor and marginalised, and outlaw motorcycle club members.

John has spoken throughout Australia and around the world at music and arts festivals such as Greenbelt in the UK, the European Christian Arts and Music Festival, the Australian Gospel Music Festival/EasterFest in Toowoomba, and Black Stump Music Festival in Sydney, has shared the stage with former President Jimmy Carter and has addressed the United Nations Human Rights Commission. He is a regular guest speaker at churches around Australia and at corporate and service club events such as business roundtable dinners, corporate keynote addresses ay Rotary Club, Realty and Insurance Conferences.

John founded  the God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club  Melbourne chapter, (which is the charter chapter for the God’s Squad international movement. over 35 years ago (1972), after previously establishing the Christian Motorcycle Association. CMA was abandoned to reach the more  marginalized and “outlaw” bike scene through God’s Squad.  where it provides an important chaplaincy role, responding to personal needs as well as performing the more traditional functions of marriages, baptisms and funerals. It now has multiple chapters in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria as well as overseas in New Zealand, United Kingdom (3), United States, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and the Irish Republic.

John addresses the National Press Club, 2009

God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club founder Dr Rev John ‘Bullfrog’ Smith
addressed the National Press Club on Wednesday 5 August, 2009.
Dr Rev Smith discussed why the proposed and enacted anti-association laws,
commonly called ‘anti-bikie’ laws, wouldn’t work.

Concern Australia is a well-established Christian mission and welfare organisation helping change lives by responding to the physical, relational and spiritual needs of marginalised and disadvantaged people (especially youth) through love, justice, mercy and compassion.

John is Superintendent of St Martin’s Community Church in the inner city Melbourne suburb of Collingwood which seeks to meaningfully communicate and contextualise the message of the Gospel and a Christian worldview to the holistic needs of all, especially those who feel alienated or outside the influence of other churches.

John Smith has also written five books and has another in the final stages of editing. His first book “On the Side of the Angels” which sold over 80,000 copies at its first printing was extensively revised and republished in 2006. Another of his books, “Advance Australia Where – A lack of meaning in a land of plenty” was awarded Religious Book of the Year in 1989. “Sharpening the Cutting Edge” is a substantially reworked and updated re-release of John’s first book, “Cutting Edge”. John’s doctoral dissertation “The Origins, Nature and Significance of the Jesus Movement” has been published as a significant contribution to the Centre for the Study of World Revitalization Movements. John’s latest book is in the final stages of editing, the details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

He has been married to Glena (also a passionate worker with the disadvantaged) for over 40 years. They have three adult children and 15 grandchildren. He is currently fighting prostate cancer.

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