Advance Australia Where

John Smith - Advance Australia Where?Awarded the Religious Book of the Year in 1989, Advance Australia Where? is one man’s personal search for social and spiritual understanding as to why 200 years of extraordinary technical and material advancement show such violence, identity crisis and social upheaval.

Currently out of print, we are working to re-publish this pivotal work as an eBook.  If you would like to support these efforts, or register your interest please contact us.

From convicts to settlers, from country mateship to urban alienation, from the land of the fair-go to the land of the me-generation – what are the causes and consequences of Australia’s ills?  Have we become a land with everything, but nothing to live for.

Issues include

  • the effects of Australia’s convict beginnings
  • society’s flourishing ‘identity crisis’
  • the original Australians, the Aborigines
  • God in a ‘post-Christian’ era
  • the role of the church

Is Australia advancing?  Or is she really declining?  Truly, Advance Australia Where? is essential reading for every Australian.

I agree with much in this book – especially with the need and value of holding a religious view of the world. John Smith deserves to be read by as many people as possible.” – Professor MANNING CLARK
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