On the Side of The Angels

John Smith was an average 1960s Australian minister’s kid – sombre suit, neatly trimmed haircut and unwavering conservative attitudes.  But events drastically reshaped his life.

With the political and social revolution of the hippie era surging around him, he emerged from huge personal upheaval as the long-haired, motorcycle-riding champion of radical Christian faith confronting the needs of a generation sinking into desperation and despair.

During nearly four decades of living on the edge, he has ridden with outlaw bikers, sat with street kids, consulted with business executives and politicians, debated with academics, nurtured artists, confronted Third World injustice and fostered a movement of risk-takers willing to stand with the marginalised of the world in the name of the marginal Jew, Jesus of Nazareth.

John’s path has been unconventional.  Many things he has seen and done can only be described as bizarre.  But today he is known around the world as a no-holds-barred spokesman for God’s love and justice.

In this revised addition of his autobiography, John adds new details to the story and includes a special ‘Postscript’ that gives a glimpse of the action-filled twenty years since the book was first published.



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