Sharpening the Cutting Edge

Sharpening the Cutting Edge” is a substantially reworked and updated re-release of John’s first book, “Cutting Edge”.

‘John Smith knows that sacred cows make great hamburgers, and in this book h does just that! He attacks the distortions of Christianity with his prophetic writings and helps us get a vision of what the church could be if it adhered to Biblical principles.’ – Tony Campolo, Professor Emeritus, Eastern University

‘There are relatively few books that are worth reprinting, and there are even fewer books that are worth rereading.  Here is one that is worth both reprinting and rereading, now in a revised and expanded edition.  John Smith’s prophetic book continues to be as relevant as when it was first issued, and even more so at a time when individualism and consumerism are the order of the day as never before.  Sharpening the Cutting Edge does so well in unsettling those of us who feel comfortable with an easy-going Christianity.  It will also do well in comforting those of us who need to be comforted as we seek to be whole-life disciples of Jesus Christ in the midst of the many pressures of the day.’ – Dr Rene Padilla, President of the Micah Network and director of Ediciones Kairos of Beunos Aires

‘The contents of this book are dangerous in the righteous sense of the word.  One simply cannot read it without feeling the ground on which one stands being shaken and without being exposed to the holy insecurity of a person who stands before a God who demands more than we currently offer.  A truly prophetic book.’ – Alan Hirsch, Author of The Forgotten Ways and co-author of reJesus and The Shaping of Things to Come (with Michael Frost).  Alan is founding director of Forge Mission Training Network.


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