Beyond The Myth of Self Esteem
Beyond The Myth of Self Esteem
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The Origin, Nature & Significance of the Jesus Movement
This is a definitive study of the Jesus Movement, as told from the perspective of an “insider” who experienced this phenomenon from it early onset in the 1970s, represents the premier interpretation of this important movement. While much in the public eye during its ascendancy, there has been insufficient attention given to its seminal impact in influencing revitalization within a host of denominations, para-church movements, and especially within the spiritual formation of several key theologians and ministers of the present generation. All of these features are explored, in light of the cultural setting and impact of the movement in the early post-Vietnam era. It also includes an important bibliographic chapter referencing the extant literature on radical Pietism.
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When Love Comes To Stay
Some of us grew up with experiences of evangelistic meetings where we were challenged to be "born again", or be "converted". But after the great music drifted away, and the preacher's message faded, we were sometimes uncertain where to go with the new faith. Working with Fuzz Kitto, we wrote this little booklet that explains how we travel in our faith, after deciding to take Jesus seriously. We hope it will be a little guide-book for the long journey from fear to faith, from indifference to love. It attempts to tell what happens when love comes to stay.
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On The Side of The Angels
John Smith was an average 1960s Australian minister's kid - sombre suit, neatly trimmed haircut and unwavering conservative attitudes. But events drastically reshaped his life. With the political and social revolution of the hippie era surging around him, he emerged from huge personal upheaval as the long-haired, motorcycle-riding champion of radical Christian faith confronting the needs of a generation sinking into desperation and despair. During nearly four decades of living on the edge, he has ridden with outlaw bikers, sat with street kids, consulted with business executives and politicians, debated with academics, nurtured artists, confronted Third World injustice and fostered a movement of risk-takers willing to stand with the marginalised of the world in the name of the marginal Jew, Jesus of Nazareth. John's path has been unconventional. Many things he has seen and done can only be described as bizarre. But today he is known around the world as a no-holds-barred spokesman for God's love and justice. In this revised addition of his autobiography, John adds new details to the story and includes a special 'Postscript' that gives a glimpse of the action-filled twenty years since the book was first published.
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Sharpening the Cutting Edge
"Sharpening the Cutting Edge" is a substantially reworked and updated re-release of John's first book, "Cutting Edge". 'John Smith knows that sacred cows make great hamburgers, and in this book h does just that! He attacks the distortions of Christianity with his prophetic writings and helps us get a vision of what the church could be if it adhered to Biblical principles.' - Tony Campolo, Professor Emeritus, Eastern University
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