There are relatively few books that are worth reprinting, and there are even fewer books that are worth rereading. Here is one that is worth both reprinting and rereading, now in a revised and expanded edition. John Smith’s prophetic book continues to be as relevant as when it was first issued, and even more so at a time when individualism and consumerism are the order of the day as never before. Sharpening the Cutting Edge does so well in unsettling those of us who feel comfortable with an easy-going Christianity. It will also do well in comforting those of us who need to be comforted as we seek to be whole-life disciples of Jesus Christ in the midst of the many pressures of the day.
Dr Rene Padilla
John Smith knows that sacred cows make great hamburgers, and in this book [Sharpening the Cutting Edge] he does just that!  He attacks the distortions of Christianity with his prophetic writings and helps us get a vision of what the church could be if it adhered to biblical principles.
Tony Campolo
There are a number of "old warriors" that have been fighting the Jesus causes for years... often along and when they were seen as unfashionable.  Along the way they have had successes, failures, made mistakes and often paid a high price for their efforts ... but have never given up the fight.  John Smith is one of these warriors.  His book is to be read, enjoyed, and it will challenge you ... which is exactly what he wants!
Daryl Gardiner
The contents of this book are dangerous in the righteous sense of the word.  One simply cannot read it without feeling the ground on which one stands being shaken and without being exposed to the holy insecurity of a person who stands before a God who demands more than we currently offer.  A truly prophetic book.
Alan Hirsch
John Smith is a prophet with knives.  He cuts away to the core of things.  After reading him, there can be blood on the floor.  But this is how disciples of the Crucified God are made.  The sign that you have read a book like this [Sharpening the Cutting Edge] is that you have the scars to show for it.
Mick Duncan
John Smith embodies the old adage, "comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable".  He is without peer as an evangelist/prophet in Australia.  For over thirty years he has been my mentor, connecting gospel justive to the pain of society's poor and marginalised.  He disturbs us, but his fire for the gospel lights us up.  Cutting Edge is vintage Smithy.  Revising it is a great gift to a new generation.
Dr Ross Langmead
John Smith is the Johnny Cash of preachers but even that doesn't say it. It may have been easier if I had never heard him speak but I wouldn't change that day for anything. His words sent me down a road that I still travel and liberated me to be able to ask questions at every signpost on the way. He is a big part of my story and I know thousands of others would testify the same.
Martyn Joseph
Reading John Smith is like having a conversation with a great man.  You basically brace yourself and hold on for the whole wild, outrageous, exhilarating ride!  In this updated version of an Australian classic, Smith come on like gangbusters, quoting John Lennon, Victor Frankl, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King and Elias Chacour, all in one single, sustained breath.  And that's not the half of it.  This book [Sharpening the Cutting Edge] is a gift, an insight into the motivations and frustrations of a true Christian radical.
Michael Frost
In an age of comfort, security and consumer Christianity, there is a desperate need for voices that point to a different way of following the Christ of the gospels.  John Smith's lifetime reflections do precisely that!
Charles Ringma
I agree with much in this book [Advance Australia Where] - especially with the need and value of holding a religious view of the world.  John Smith deserves to be read by as many people as possible.
Professor Manning Clark
I can think of no other Australian who has earned the admiration and respect of so many, in spite of challenging the assumptions and practices of their lifestyles.
Michael Tate AO
John Smith is the most unusual preacher in the world… He's probably also the most unusual biker, most unusual minister, most unusual ex-fundamentalist Christian… in fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more unusual Australian…
Martin Wroe
"Truly a preacher to the convertible... John Smith's message is for people who want to do more than just listen."
Bono, U2
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