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This is John SmithPublished in 1992, This is John Smith is a collection of radio spots recorded across a decade and collated into this collection of insights on a range of issues.

John Smith has been no stranger to media exposure.  His involvement in the bike scene with God’s Squad and his passion for issues made ‘good press’ – and various media were quick to pick him up.

In 1984, with the help of a friend, and then manager, Steve Drury, John started writing and broadcasting brief spots on radio – on all sorts of issues – on a regular basis.

In 1992, John Smith was heard on close to 120 commercial stations around Australia – as well as being a regular guest in talk back and live broadcast situations.

This is John Smith is a collection of a number of spots recorded during that time – on various issues.  On air, each radio spot concluded with the line …this is John Smith.  Hence the title.


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