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Today, Indian punters can bet on a wide variety of events, including cutting-edge space research. One of these is Space Elevator Research. If you are passionate about space research and development, you can bet on the results of research into the possibility of building a space lift. To do this, you just need to Betwinner register, make a deposit and find such an option in the non-sports event line.

What Is Space Elevator Research 

The concept of a space lift was first proposed by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky back in 1895. The idea is that a strong cable is stretched from the Earth’s surface to a fixed point above geostationary orbit (such as a space station), along which cargo can be ferried. Attached to the Earth at the equator, the tether would remain taut as centrifugal forces generated by the Earth’s rotation overcome gravity.

There is no working prototype of such a lift at the moment, as there are no such strong materials for the tether in sufficient quantities. But scientific research and experiments in this area are actively underway. Here are some interesting facts:

  • In the USA, since 2005, there have been annual Space Elevator Games competitions with a large prize fund, where there are nominations for “Best Tether” and “Best Lift”;
  • Liftport Group has several times put forward working projects to create a space lift, which have not yet been realised, but now it has set a deadline of 2031 and opened a fundraiser for this project on Kickstarter service;
  • In February 2012, Japanese company Obayashi unveiled its plan to build a space lift using carbon nanotubes by 2050;
  • The international project Stratosphere Network of Skyscrapers involves a whole network of orbital lifts that will be connected in hexagons and cover the entire planet.

There are a number of other projects devoted to the idea of building a space lift. Both completely fantastical and rationally based, with said construction technology. In the Betwinner app line, you can see the most high-profile Space Elevator Research developments and bet on them with good odds.

What Methods Of Building A Space Lift Exist

Scientists are now actively working on making the space lift a reality, provided that modern technology and materials are used. There are two main approaches:

  • The multi-cable method – using two cables on the principle of a cable car, which makes it easier to keep the lift stable, will prevent swaying by winds in the Earth’s atmosphere, and according to George Ju, professor of mechanical engineering at York University, is feasible within 10 years;
  • Reverse Space Elevator – fix the end point on the Moon and run a cable through the Lagrange point between the Earth and the Moon so that their gravitational forces balance each other, and under such conditions it would be possible to build the lift from existing materials (titanium, aluminium, etc.), according to Zephyr Penoyre of Cambridge University and Emily Sandford of Columbia University

Both options are taken into account in serious projects Space Elevator Research and so far they are the ones that look realisable in the long term. Building a space lift would allow fast and cheap transport of cargo to space stations or even the Moon, opening up the prospect of its colonisation. 

If you have your own opinion on the prospects and technical feasibility of building a space lift, Bet winner app offers to bet on the results of research in this area. This can easily be done by every registered user of the platform.

How To Bet On Space Elevator Research At Betwinner App India

Indian adults can bet on Space Elevator Research from anywhere in India. All they need to do is have a smartphone or tablet with the Betwinner app installed. To get it on your Android device, you need the following steps:

  1. Open the official website of the company in the mobile browser;
  2. Press the “Betwinner download” button on the homepage;
  3. Wait for the small Betwinner apk file to finish downloading, run it and complete the installation of the app.

On iOS devices, the installation is done automatically after clicking the download button on the official website.

Next, you need to register, or log in to an existing account in the system. Refill your account with any of the available payment methods and go to the sports betting line, using the convenient navigation in the application. There you will see the available events from Space Elevator Research. Select the outcome you are interested in and place a bet. If the bet turns out to be a winning one, you can also easily withdraw your money.

Top Benefits Of Betwinner App India

Indian punters choose the Betwinner app for such unusual betting for many reasons. Here are its main pros:

  • A wide line of sports betting, casino games and miscellaneous bets on non-sports events from the fields of science, culture, technology, including Space Elevator Research;
  • The interface is translated into 49 languages, has a pleasant design and easy navigation that makes it quick and easy to find the features you need;
  • The application is optimised for more than 60 devices, everything works smoothly and quickly even on not the most powerful iron;
  • New players get a welcome bonus of 100% in sports betting up to 8,000 INR and 100% bonus in casino games up to 127,000 INR;
  • Fast loading speed of all sections;
  • Push-notifications about important events bonuses and promotions;
  • Possibility to watch live broadcasts of sporting events in excellent quality.

You can evaluate these and other advantages for yourself. Just Betwinner download on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the best gaming service.


Space Elevator Research is of high importance for all mankind, as its construction will open new perspectives in space exploration, the Moon, further colonisation of outer space. If you are confident about certain results of this research, bet on it with good odds in Betwinner app. New Indian players get a bonus of up to Rs 127,000. Good luck and big wins!

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