Terms and Conditions

If you are new to the world of online gambling and betting in Bangladesh, you should be aware that the Site Terms and Conditions dictate the sequence and scope of actions you can take. The site’s service process, bonus policy, transaction procedures and so on are all on their list. Acceptance of these terms and conditions means that the user registers an account on the online casino or betting shop platform, uses any of the services of the portal or views any of its sections. Newcomers often make the mistake of not reading the Terms and Conditions of the site. However, you should be aware that ignorance of the rules does not give you an exemption from your responsibilities. Legitimate bookmakers and gambling sites in Bangladesh always advise customers to read their terms and conditions before betting. In addition, when setting up a personal account, the player usually has to acknowledge their agreement to this set of rules. The link to this page is on the registration form and you should visit it before creating an account. 

Businesses are advised to stop using the site and abiding by the rules if they find any of them unacceptable. This applies to betting, taking advantage of promotions, participating in tournaments, etc.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy 

This policy applies to all websites, applications, products or services that refer to this policy. What is the purpose of this privacy policy? It aims to give you a better understanding of areas such as:

  • Our information collection process;
  • How we use the data we collect;
  • How information is shared;
  • Other issues of interest relating to the privacy and security of personal data;
  • What are the ways in which you can contact us.

If companies make changes, they will inform their customers. Moreover, you will have to accept all changes in a special document.

Protection from fraud

Betting sites value their customers, so companies do everything possible to ensure their security. In addition, for this reason, the bookmaker actively fights all forms of fraud and illegal money laundering. All information on the platform is securely encrypted using SSL protocol, which guarantees the safety of personal data and money. 

At the same time, the site provides a high level of security for financial transactions. In addition, all transactions are protected by strong encryption protocols. To prevent detection of any suspicious transactions, the website’s security team manually checks them. The company uses secure and trusted payment systems, which guarantee users the security of bank transactions, and the transactions are then encrypted. 

As a result, the likelihood of information leakage is minimal. There is no need to fear that users’ accounts will be hacked by fraudsters. They will not be able to get personal information and withdraw money without a special encryption key. Withdrawals on the platform are available to account holders to debit cards and e-wallets.

The sites services are confirmed by licenses. That is, the company complies with the laws of the country in which it provides its services. All the actions of the players on the site are legal and do not violate the laws of the country in which the company provides its services. 

The experts at Sites regularly develop anti-fraud strategies to ensure the safety of the players. In order to avoid any problems, the following rules should be observed:

  • Verification is a mandatory procedure for all platform users before withdrawing funds;
  • Having a verified phone number and email address is mandatory;
  • Verification of accounts is carried out on a regular basis;
  • And the site also uses automatic and manual verification of all financial transactions made.
  • Users are able to be confident in the safety of their funds and do not have to worry about protecting them. And all players have equal rights and do not receive any special privileges from the Site. 

If you notice any fraudulent actions by other users, please contact the support team. By doing so, the company will be able to further protect its customers.


Customers in Bangladesh can register with online casinos and bookie portals, one of the most significant processes available to them. You should not worry, since legitimate businesses always protect their customers’ privacy and safely safeguard their data. 

Websites often need gamblers to provide the following information upon registration: name, surname, gender, DOB, country, province, city, home address, postal code, email address, and mobile phone number. The player must also create the username and password, select a currency, opt in or out of advertising mailings, claim a Welcome Bonus (if presented), and agree to the terms and conditions. 

Many guidelines are laid out in the Terms and Conditions for players to abide by: 

  • Each participant must only reveal true, verifiable details about themselves;
  • The use of multiple accounts is strictly forbidden, and each player is allowed just one private cabinet.
  • Underage users cannot sign up for or use any gaming or betting sites. 
  • If you break even one of these rules, you will be permanently banned from using this service. 


Users of Bangladeshi online casinos and betting sites should always be prepared to provide identification information if requested. The verification process is often a series of steps that, if completed, allow the winner to withdraw their prize money. The passage requires the gambler to provide identification and proof of residence. If it is discovered after verification that you knowingly provided false information regarding your age, or that you intentionally omitted or distorted critical information, you will be permanently barred. 

Money Change Hands

After signing up for an online casino or a betting platform, remittances become one of the most important services available to gamblers from Bangladesh. Operators that value their credibility will only facilitate Taka transactions through legitimate payment systems. The banking section of the site is where all authorised monetary transactions are carried out. In addition to entering their own payment information, users must also manually enter a transfer amount that is within predetermined parameters.

On certain platforms, you may only withdraw money using the same payment method you used to fund your account. It’s also a good idea to inquire as to whether or not the operator has a transaction fee.

Calculation of results

The calculation of results on betting sites relies on first-hand information, relying on television, internet broadcasts or other sources, and official websites. The calculation of the offer will increase if such first-hand information is not available. However, if the error is not stated, the bid calculation will not change and will not be restricted by disqualifications, protests, penalties, sub judice results.

When calculating markets with more than 1 round/stage, only the changes affecting the rates that have not yet been decided will be taken into account. The association managers will announce such measures before the start of the last scheduled round/stage. No changes made after these dates will be considered.

All betting offers relating to matches/events that have not taken place at all or whose result has been awarded by a court decision will be declared void. 

In the case of an abandoned event all bet offers that were accepted before the abandonment of the event and cannot be changed regardless of future events will be settled according to the decided outcome. If the discontinued event is not resumed within 12 hours of its start, all remaining offers related to the event will be deemed void.

If the event is abandoned and resumed from the start, all bets made before the start of the match that were not settled using the outcomes received during the game before abandonment will be declared void whether or not the match is continued.