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Our honest description and Casumo casino review

Today people are in search of diverse kinds of entertainment that will not only catch their interest but also allow them to spend time with incredible emotions. Thus, gambling has become one of such beloved activities. Today there are quite many online casinos providing such entertainment. To choose an amazing and reliable one, you will need to know some basic conditions that a good casino must provide:

  • A license of legal activities of the company;
  • Enough games;
  • A few modes of games;
  • A welcome gift as well as other promos;
  • A convenient website suitable for all types of gadgets;
  • Responsible Gambling service;
  • Enough payment options;
  • A support service;
  • Some additional options.

Having analyzed the entire market of online casinos, we can highlight the one you should try. It is Casumo casino. This company managed to satisfy all our expectations from an online casino having all the options written in the list above. Below, you will observe the Casumo casino review.

Casumo casino review

Casumo Casino

The career of this gambling company was launched in 2012. Now it is 2022, so the company has been operating for 10 years. It can be named an experienced online casino, it proved this status by developing diverse features throughout all these years.

Now let’s compare the basic traits of a good casino with Casumo’s features.

  • A license. The Casumo company has a Maltese license, which controls all gaming activities provided by the brand. It also guarantees its legality and safety to its clients.
  • Games. In the Casumo casino collection, there are over 2000 games. They all have different plots as well as kinds themselves like roulette, slots, blackjack, and whatnot.
  • Modes of games. Casino Casumo offers two kinds of them: a classic one and a live one. The second one works in the following way: you play games with dealers like in real life.
  • A welcome gift. The company’s greatest offer is its welcome gift, which is equal to 300 euros. This amount you will receive after depositing for the first time. Also, you will get 20 free spins.
  • A website. The site of Casumo is well-structured. Everything you need is on the homepage, which can be scrolled down easily. The design is attractive enough with purple and white colors.
  • A Responsible Gaming option. Such an option exists in the casino Casumo. It is very helpful for those who can’t overcome their potential addiction to gaming. This option allows its users to set some limits on their activities on the Casumo online casino site.
  • Payment options. We will talk about them later in this review. But the main thing is that there are enough of them. You will find both some famous worldwide and less popular but effective.
  • A support service. There are two chief ways of asking its customer service: via online chat and email. The team works 24/7.
  • Additional features. Besides games, the company offers Casumo betting. It will give you a chance to try your luck at predicting who will become a winner among sporting teams. You will learn more about it in our further Casumo review.

Thus, in this casino, you will have a standard package of products such as Casumo slots, roulette, and other games as well as some common options like many payment options, a reliable support service, and so on.

Casumo sports

Casumo Sports

As we have noted, the company allows to its client to try not only casino gaming but also Casumo sports wagering. Their collection is not so huge as a gaming one, of course, but still considered a rich one. You will be able to try cricket, golf, racing, UFC, basketball wagering, and much more. 

As well as a casino section, a Casumo betting feature also has two modes. They are line and live ones. In the line mode, a simple wagering procedure is offered. In live mode, you will be able to place your wager directly during the game.

Pros & cons of the platform

Here is the table with the main advantages and drawbacks of Casumo:

Lots of Casumo slots and other gamesFor newbies, the site may seem complex to navigate
A helpful support service
Diverse bonuses such as Casumo free spins, promos, and so on
An application suitable for different systems
A sports section is represented too

Casumo casino login & registration

To go through the Casumo login procedure, you must be a registered person. For this reason, you should know how to sign up for this company, first of all.

The process of registering is the next one:

  1. Load the homepage of the brand;
  2. Click “Sign Up”;
  3. In a new window, four steps are required that will allow you to become a registered user;
  4. The first one is entering an email;
  5. Then, set a password;
  6. Confirm all your details;
  7. Enter a code to get a welcome offer;
  8. You’re in!

Now you can pass through the Casumo login process. It is made up of a few steps:

  1. Load the homepage of the brand;
  2. Click “Log In”;
  3. Type your email and password;
  4. Click “Login”.

If you forgot your password, just click on the appropriate button in the Casumo casino Login window, and the company will help you recover it.

Casumo bonus

Casumo Bonus

If a Casumo jackpot is not enough for you, the brand is full of diverse bonuses and promos. They are of various types, which means that their contents, as well as rules of receiving, are different. Let’s get acquainted with them.

  • Welcome offer. This bonus is a major one in any casino company, so the Casumo online casino is no exception. Its sum is 300 euros, moreover, you will be able to get additional 20 Casumo free spins.
  • Casino races. These races take place among slot games exactly. You can play the one, which is on the list of races and earn some points if you win. Then, a leaderboard will be developed, and the top players of which will receive some prizes.
  • 4 weekly tournaments. There is a timetable for the 4 weekly tournaments. Thus, 1 week – 1 tournament. By participating there, you can win one of the 1,500 cash prizes.
  • Live Casino Prize Drops. On any day from Sunday to Thursday, wager 1 euro or more on select Roulette games, Sweet Bonanza Candyland, or Mega Wheel to be eligible for a random cash prize of 10 euro to 120 euro.

These are the major promos of the company, however, they are always updated, that’s why you will also be able to take advantage of the Casumo no deposit bonus types, the Casumo jackpot offers, and so on.

Casumo app

The Casumo app is not inferior to its alternative – a website. It is full of the same functions as the brand’s desktop variant. Its appearance is also based on a purple design with some bright images.

Here you can both wager on sports and play numerous casino games. Live options are also represented here providing a feeling of being in a real gambling company.

The app supports diverse languages such as English, Swedish, German, and whatnot. In addition to this, it can be received not only on phones but also on tablets. It is supported on Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other gadgets.

Here you will be able to get both the welcome Casumo bonus and other promos, even the Casumo no deposit bonus kinds.

In the app, additional features of the brand like Responsible Gambling, Blog, and some others also exist. Thus, the app is a copy of the Casumo website in content terms but has some differences in its work.

App Vs Website

Casumo App

If the differences between the app and website of Casumo are not clear to you, you can get familiar with them in this Casumo review.

Updates are regular and fastUpdates are rare and not so fast
Improved security, using Touch ID as a sign-in optionA standard security system without Touch ID
Holds some space on the gadgetDoesn’t hold any space
Access to the Internet is requiredAccess to the Internet is required

By learning all these peculiarities, you may realize what is better for you among these two options.

How to download the app?

The process of downloading is a bit different for two kinds of devices (iOS and Android). Let’s get acquainted with both of them.

For Android:

  1. Go to the site of Casumo;
  2. Enter the Apps page;
  3. Tap the Android app;
  4. Start getting it;
  5. Confirm receiving it from an unfamiliar source in the pop-up notification;
  6. After downloading, install it.

For iOS:

  1. Go to the site of Casumo;
  2. Enter the Apps page;
  3. Tap the iOS app;
  4. You will be taken to the App Store page with the Casumo app;
  5. Tap Get;
  6. Wait for a while.

Final Verdict

Summing up, the Casumo casino brand is the very company, the products which you should immediately try. The reason for this is that its offers are of awesome quality. Its games are of diverse genres and all of them are quite interesting and gripping.

If you were searching for a good company but didn’t have many options, we are here to say that you have found it! Casumo offers both sports wagering and gaming – isn’t this amazing? In addition to this, it has two types of platforms: website and app. In both of them, you will be able to benefit from various promos and take advantage of different features such as Blog, Responsible Gambling, and so on.

We recommend this company a lot. Try Casumo!


Is Casumo used in different countries?

Yes! Casumo is popular on diverse continents. It is beloved in such countries as Canada, and Australia as well as on such continents as Europe and Asia. People from these places adore Casumo for its high-quality work. Most of its fans are from the following countries: Canada, the UK, India, and Bangladesh.

Can I switch languages on the Casumo website?

Of course. This option is accessible. As we have mentioned in the previous question, Casumo is in demand on various continents and different countries, respectively. For this reason, it provides a rich choice of languages you can choose on the site and in the app. Some of them are English, Swedish, German, etc. 

Does it support various currencies?

The answer to this question is simple – yes! It is connected with the previous two questions as well. Due to diverse international fans, Casumo supports various currencies. It won’t be difficult to find the one that is a national one in your country.

May I get a welcome gift from the company several times?

No. A welcome gift, as its name says, is given only to new customers of the company. They register here with their ID details and receive a bonus after their first deposit, which is made within 30 days after registration. If you try to get it twice, you will not be able to do it since the company will recognize your ID data.

Why are people under 18 not allowed to register with the company?

This is done for responsible gambling on the part of customers. By law, minors are not allowed to gamble, as many at this age do not yet understand how easy it is to waste money. Gambling is a hobby that is not for everyone. Older people understand all the intricacies of this hobby and realize that playing in a casino can be addictive. Casumo warns minors against making mistakes.

Does Casumo have its own blog?

Yes. The company provides a blog both on its website and in its app. In this section, the casino’s employees share some info about casino games and sporting events. It will help its readers learn something new from these spheres as well as put this knowledge into practice.

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