Types of online casino bonuses and ways to obtain them

People today are quite nervous because of routine work and plenty of problems in different spheres of life. For this reason, they all have various hobbies that help them avoid most of the issues from such daily things. One such hobby is gambling. This activity is worldwide but in some countries, it is still illegal.

Why do people enjoy gambling?

  • When they win, they become proud of themselves – it decreases their nervousness;
  • Many different casinos exist almost everywhere;
  • It is profitable to gamble;
  • During it, people are full of passion and adrenaline.

The new format of casinos

We’re glad to admit that gambling has entered the next stage in its development: it has gained a new online format. Because of it, you may meet casino fans more and more often nowadays. Online casinos make it possible to gamble just from your home. You visit the site, choose a game, deposit some sum, and play!

Casino bonuses

Nevertheless, there may be some problems while selecting this or that casino company. The thing is that not all casino sites are good or/and legal, that’s why a person should carefully read about the company he or she wants to try before registering here.

Online casinos don’t differ a lot from the real casino companies. You may see the list of their features right here:

  • Many games;
  • Sometimes sports;
  • Diverse promos and bonuses;
  • A customer support services;
  • Live options;
  • Blogs and news sections;
  • Additional services like Responsible Gambling;
  • Depositing and withdrawing conditions.

As you may see, some of the features are even absent in real casinos. That’s why today online casinos are considered more interesting.

Casino bonuses: are they important?

On the list written above, you may see a point with casino bonuses. Are they important and how to find the best casino bonuses? These two questions are always on the agenda. Let’s get familiar with the answers.

First, bonus casino offers help you get more profits from gambling. At the same time, they create a specific atmosphere, in which you want to play more and more. Imagine, you deposit the least sum and receive a bonus casino sum to it – isn’t it perfect?

About the best casino bonuses: we will share some tips that will help you find such offers:

  • Define what type of casino online bonus you want;
  • Compare the same online casino bonus in different casinos and find the largest;
  • Read the experts’ thoughts as well as this article until its end.

Types of casino bonus offers

Before receiving some bonus in any casino, we recommend you get acquainted with the major types of them below:

A casino welcome bonus (another name: a casino sign up bonus)It is a standard offer, which is given to everyone, who just registered and made the first deposit. A casino welcome bonus is quite a large money offer.
A free casino bonusA free casino bonus is given to the user without the requirement of depositing. It can be either money or some prizes.
Casino bonus codesCasino bonus codes are used everywhere. They allow the users to get some bonus just for entering some letters’ combinations.
Deposit offersThese promos require making a deposit. A customer does this and gets it as an additional sum to his or her bet.
Free spinsThis category is similar to the standard free bonus casino. The thing is that you can get such free bonus casino spins either for your loyalty or for some deposit. Thus, it is not a casino-free bonus exactly but it can be of this type too.
VIP awardsMost casinos have VIP clubs, which you can enter thanks to special points earned during deposits. In the future, you will be awarded different VIP prizes.
A mobile casino bonusIf you download the casino’s app, you may get a mobile casino bonus for joining the brand’s mobile platform.

Casinos with perfect bonuses

As you may see above, the number of bonus types is huge, that’s why it’s better to realize the difference between them. In addition to this, we are going to supply you with the top 5 casinos in terms of amazing bonuses. Furthermore, they are good not only for this criterion but also for some other reasons you will know below.


Betway casino review

Such an amazing company with a very elegant design as Betway offers good bonuses of various types. Here you will find both a welcome bonus and some promotions. The casino sign-up bonus here is equal to 100% of your deposit, that is, by depositing $100, you will receive a $100 bonus. The maximum offer amount is $200.

Here you can also join a special club where you will receive special prizes. In general, the company is good not only for its bonuses but also for the content. So, in the company, you will find an incredible number of online games with a huge list of sports for betting. The brand also provides a live function for casino and betting activities.


Parimatch casino review

The name Parimatch is known even to those who are not interested in casino games or sports betting. All because the company is one of the most famous in the world. It is such for a reason: the brand has incredible services and offers users generous bonuses.

In this company, you will be given its best casino bonus – 100% of your deposit. This will allow you to make a free bet, in fact. This works like this: you deposit, for instance, $20 after registering and then getting these $20 as a casino bonus.

Of course, despite this bonus, here you may deposit on some particular game and receive a bonus for this as well as for depositing on a particular day of the week. And one more incredible thing about this company is its diverse services such as betting and gambling on the same site and even esports markets.


Casumo Casino

Casumo is the very casino, which is full of magnificent offers. Everyone just entering it will realize how amazing the platform is because its design stands out with its bright colors. So, about its offers: the company’s best casino bonus also known as the first one is up to 300 euros. Moreover, you will receive 20 free spins as a part of this bonus too.

Of course, such an offer is not all. The brand provides diverse promos like an offer for depositing on a particular event or a gift for the loyalty of the user. Furthermore, here you will have a chance to read a regularly updated blog with news and just useful info about gambling and betting as well as sports themselves.


Jackpotcity casino review

JackpotCity is so beloved today, what’s the secret to the brand’s success? Good conditions, many games…Of course, it’s an online casino bonus! Its peculiarity is that it is gigantic but is divided into 4 parts. Thus, you will receive one part of it for each of the first four deposits made after registration here. The system of an amount size is analogical to the previously described casinos, however, here the maximum sum is $1600 and also you will get an additional casino free bonus – 50 free spins.

The company itself must be recommended since it has all the necessary options for a perfect game. For example, if you feel more convenient while gambling via your phone, there is a huge button on the site “Mobile Casino”, by clicking on it you will be transferred to the mobile version of the site. Also, there are several modes such as live and a classic one. 

Paddy Power

Paddy Power casino review

This casino has two activities: betting and gambling. The user registered here may try both of them without registering twice for each activity. If you are tired of casino games, we advise you to try horse racing betting since Paddy Power casino offers plenty of events of this sport in its line.

The chief casino online bonus here is up to $250. This is enough to make a successful bet almost for free. The company also contains some VIP promos as well as exclusive offers for some particular games and sports.

It seems to us that the design and the interior functionality of the company will be suitable for everyone. The colors are well chosen and all buttons are in the right places. Such harmony of the platform will make your gambling experience memorable.

Check out bonuses in Wolf Winner casino.

Final Words

This article was dedicated to casino bonus types and their peculiarities. We tried to explain to our readers in detail all the differences between them. We do believe that now you can be called a genius in the sphere of casino bonuses. Moreover, we introduced casinos with the most magnificent bonuses to you. You can try any of them and receive those amazing bonuses we described in this article. Good luck!


Is it hard to get a sign-up offer?

No! Receiving a sign-up offer is a standard procedure in all betting or/and gambling companies. About 90% get it because it is very easy and the other 10% just forget about this bonus or don’t want to get it at all. The rules you should follow to receive it are the next ones:
– Sign up in the casino;
– Deposit not more than within 7 days after signing up;
– Get it.
As you can see, it is very easy!

If the company has both betting and gaming, is the chief bonus the same for each of these activities?

It depends on the company you have selected. Some gambling-betting brands prefer to separate these two activities and make one bonus for betting and one for casino gaming. At the same time, their amounts are different. But other companies make everything on the contrary. They create one common welcome offer both for sports and casino lovers.

Are free spins beneficial?

Of course! With the help of such bonuses, you will be able to get more profits. Thus, you receive such promos (usually companies offer from 20 to 100 free spins in one bonus) and spend them on some game. You have plenty of luck to get a jackpot by spinning a lot of times. The luckiest users even get several jackpots thanks to this gift.

How many times can I register and get a welcome offer?

There is a strong rule in all casinos: a user may have only one account in the company. If he or she tries to create one more, his or her actions will be blocked. Sometimes the companies even block the first account of such users because of their scam. How can the company define that it is your second account if you change your data? The thing is that if you register your accounts under the same ID data, they can’t be changed. Thus, the casino knows how many accounts you have and block them.
Thus, a welcome offer can be received only once after registration. The exception is when the company provides a welcome offer, which is divided into several parts. However, it is still one bonus.

Are the companies from this article reliable?

Definitely! All companies written above were tested by our experts properly. We carefully checked whether the casino was trustworthy or not. Moreover, we choose only those casinos that have the next options:
– An official gaming license;
– Enough games;
– Beneficial bonuses;
– Fair conditions;
– A reliable privacy policy.
Without these five features, a casino won’t be able to appear on our list of top gambling companies. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about the reliability of the casinos written in this article.

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